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I was about to apply for a job at Linen Chest as their blog writer. This was an article I wrote to demonstrate my writing skills. I thought iit is a perfect match for my Fox Online blog.
I figured out that not all the items in Linen Chest are vegan (they sell leather arm chairs and down pillows) so I changed my mind about accepting this job; I am proud of my entry though, so here it is.


People love atmospheres. People are fleeing negative feelings. People are fleeing their homes. People get into drugs to get an escape. They don’t realize Escape button can be found on the keyboard of their very computer and conviction activates the law of attraction and therefore a leap of faith can get you there [or for lack of information as to where there, I’d say “out of here”].

I am not into drugs for many reasons and, besides the keeping of the Five Precepts, one it’s my discovery that a human mind can get healthily high on its own if it receives the right content at the right time. For me, to be receptive enough to any content, I have to have my fix of clarity. So, like any member of the human species, I am aiming high and aiming at “high”, and since drugs are not an option my high has to be enlightened or hyped. I thought a lot about escape and like most people I have my escape tendencies. Coffee places are not only my sources of drinkable clarity, but an atmosphere change. They make me feel like I actually went somewhere for leisure even though I didn’t socialize there, but drank my coffee alone. Recently I got tired of my addiction of to official urban escapes and decided to get creative about it. I purchased an espresso machine at Linen Chest and got informed about the most cappuccino efficient brands of soya milk – apparently it’s Silk and Sensational Soy. This is a leap that will push me to make my home have an inspirational atmosphere and really make it incorporate  the  perfect escape. Less excuses to go out for coffee, more pocket money and a creative challenge.  My home has to have the hyping properties of the city, of coffee places and the coffee has to be high quality. Once again, I aimed high and I got my satisfaction guaranteed.


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Posted on 10:39PM on Feb 6th, 2014
My life would be empty without coffee......... Thanks for sharing your blog, coffee for the soul :-)
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